A Strategy Guide to Playing Golf Solitaire

Golf solitaire is one of the most fun games of solitaire you will come cross. It requires exceptional anticipation skills and a whole lot of luck. Even though you might not be able to win every game you play, there are some strategies which you could use to increase your chances of winning while playing golf solitaire

Important cards

The first and most important thing you need to understand is that Aces and Kings are the most special. All the other cards in the deck can be moved on multiple cards except these two.

For the Ace, you can only put it on a two, and the king can only be put on a queen. This means, you need to be very careful with your two’s and queens too. That is why the first thing you need to do when you begin playing golf solitaire is, count the numbers of aces and kings.


Just keeping this one thing in mind will help you get pretty far when playing golf solitaire. It may actually help you get so far that you actually start betting on the game. That’s right; there are some casinos where you will also find golf solitaire. If you are confident of your skills and feel like you can win the game from the moment you see the draw, perhaps you should put your money where your mouth is. While this game also involves a certain amount of luck, it is more about skill. So, if you are confident of your skill, why not bet on your games?

Just remember to have a sound strategy in place. Otherwise, you might just end up losing more than you had bargained for. This is not something anyone looks forward to when betting at casinos. Precautions is always better than cure.

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