Some Free Online Golf Games for You

Golf is a game that is quite popular among the elite class all over the world. There are championships where professionals compete for huge sums of money and honour. But, there are many more who play golf in their spare time as amateurs. Golf can be quite interesting and requires skill despite what most people say.


The main concept here is to hit a ball using a club until you get it inside the hole. The person who does this with the fewest shots is declared the winner. There are various different types of shots including putts, bunker shots, fairway shots, and tee shots. There are approach shots too including the chip, flip, and pitch. The equipment needed to play golf includes clubs, balls, and tees. Then there are the special equipment like gloves, shoes, bags, and carts. You don’t need these things, but they certainly do help.

Online golf

But here, we’re not talking about regular old golf. We’re talking about playing golf online at casinos. That’s right, who thought someone would be able to combine your favourite pass time with your favourite guilty pleasure? What you need do is visit one of the many online casinos which have golf themed games and sign up with them. You can then start playing online golf at these casinos right away. Don’t you think that will be a whole lot of fun? Of course, it will be. There are so many different types of online golf games you will find at these casinos that you are never going to run out of choices. You get basic casino games and some which are rather complex. It all depends on how much you want to play.

So what are you waiting for? Go to an online casino and start looking for some golf games right away. There are actually some gold related pokies available at

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